The province of Cuenca is one of five provinces within the region of  
Castilla-La-Mancha, the other four being Guadalajara, Toledo, Albacete 
and Ciudad Real. The whole area has some of the most historic and beautiful
lands within the whole of Spain.

Remains of burial grounds dating from the Iron Age have been discovered as 
well as some major Roman settlements such as those at Saelices and Valeria.

Cuenca the city, known as the city of light is easily accessed by means of the 
N430/N320 highways and has a good infrastructure within the city.

The city has more than its fair share of historic monuments, which include:

Cuenca is a small city, built on a rock. The space on the rock was smaller than the 
required space, so many houses are partly hanging over the cliff.


In the mountains nearby Cuenca is the Ciudad Encantada, the enchanted city. 
Thanks to natural erosion, the rocks here resemble elephants, crocodiles, 
moon-landscapes and so on.

If you come here in November, there's a slight chance of snow. Some of the 
rocks look great in white.