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 Technical Reports DIAB-13-05-3 

Código:  DIAB-13-05-3
Publicación:  24-05-2013
Título:  Proxywork: Framework to transform from Web Application to Distributable User Interface Web Application
Detalle: The growth of cloud services and new tools for web development is greatly favoring the growth of the number of Web Application that we use today. Furthermore, is becoming more common that we have a variety of interconnected devices able to visualize any type of Web Application. In general, today Web Applications do not offer the possibility to distribute parts of the interface from one device to another. For example that the navigation menu, from a Web Application displayed on a PC, can be sent to a mobile device thus allowing navigation from your mobile device to your PC. In this paper, we present a Framework in the form of proxy that transforms any Web Application into a Web Application with distributable user interface, at the time in which is requested through the browser. In this way, any Web Application offers the possibility to distribute parts of your interface between different devices. The Framework includes a set of menus on each UI component that allows users to perform certain actions (display/undisplay, copy and distribute) with each component and orchestrating the parts that are migrated on different devices involved in the migration. Throughout the work presents the implementation of the Framework and demonstrates its functionality on a particular Web Application (University of Castilla - La Mancha) using multiple devices with different platforms


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